To promote and oversee an annual conference of men in April of each year which offers fellowship, workshops, and meetings to address issues relating to recovery from the DISEASE of ALCOHOLISM.  These conferences shall be on a rotating basis among many cities, states, and countries so that the members shall be aware of the diverse forms of fellowship available to recovering men in the program.

In April of 1986, four men discussed having a National Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) Men’s Conference after hearing some AA women talking about how good their Women’s Conference was every year.  Ted H. was contacted by Sam L., Demers, Sam W., and Mike F.  The men met at Ted’s home in Cleveland, Ohio to formulate a plan of action. 

Letters were sent out to the entire Cleveland AA community, inviting participation in the planning of the conference.  In response to the letters, a meeting was held and a committee was formed to do fundraising.  The men established a goal to raise $1,500. Having raffles, picnics, dances, and out of pocket donations they raised the original seed money to hold the conference. 


The initial committee members were: Al J., Calvin B., Carlton G., Herbert T., James P., Larry Van D., Michael F., Mike H., Ron K., Ronnie S., Sam K., Sam L., Sam R., Ted H., Tom N., Tony B. and Waithen M. and numerous other alcoholics donated their time and willingness to serve on Sub-Committees.